閱讀測驗是很多考生畏懼的英文題型之一,其實閱讀測驗的解題並不難,記得先從題目看起,再去看文章。如果是與題目無關的句子,不要浪費太多時間去鑽研,這樣還可以節省作答的時間。例如在此篇文章的第一段中,有提到“tea” (茶),所以文章一定是跟茶有關。 

An ancient Chinese proverb states, "Better to be deprived of

food for three days, than tea for one." Tea is, next to water, the

world's leading beverage. Although the exact origin of tea growing is

uncertain, it is said to have been initiated by a Chinese emperor over


4,500 years ago. Tea from China, along with her silk and porcelain,

began to be known all over the world more than a thousand years ago

and has since always been an important Chinese export.

Tea has been one of the daily necessities in China since time

immemorial. Countless numbers of Chinese like to have their


after-meal cup of tea. As the Chinese would often say it, after a big

meal "Let's drink tea to ‘wash’ the oil away from the system and ease

digestion." In general, Chinese do not serve tea at meals.

Chinese tea may be classified into three categories according to

the different methods by which it is processed. All of them may come


from the same variety of tea plant. Depending on the process, the

leaves are used to produce black tea (fermented), oolong tea

(semi-fermented) or green tea (unfermented).

The simplest way to make Chinese tea is the best. Just pour

boiling hot water over the leaves, let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes, and


you have tea. For medium-strength tea, use ½ to 1 teaspoon of tea

per cup. For stronger tea, add more leaves rather than extending

steeping time. After drinking the tea, leaving a small residue, you can

pour in more boiling water to make a second or third infusion. It will

probably be new to most of you that with good Chinese tea, the


second infusion is sometimes better than the first for green tea, and

always better for black tea. Expert tea drinkers in China often throw

away a quick infusion and only drink the second. The Chinese add

neither milk nor sugar to their tea.

(  ) 1. In addition to tea, what have been the other two important products that were sold to westerners?

(A) Porcelain and silk        (B) Chinese food and beverage

(C) Water and black tea     (D) Fermented and unfermented tea

(  ) 2. How is Chinese tea classified?

(A) According to how it is drunk    (B) According to how it is prepared

(C) According to when it is drunk   (D) According to where it is grown

(  ) 3. When is tea generally drunk by the Chinese?

(A) Whenever they feel thirsty     (B) During a meal time

(C) In the morning               (D) After they have meals

(  ) 4. Which of the following is considered by expert Chinese drinkers to be “the best”?

(A) Black tea with extending steeping time 

(B) The simplest tea with ½ to 1 teaspoon of tea

(C) The second infusion of the tea 

(D) Tea with milk and sugar


英銘老師:閱讀測驗是很多考生畏懼的英文題型之一,其實閱題測驗的的解題並不難,因為外國人寫文章都愛用破題法,只要看第一段即可知道文章大概在講什麼內容。例如在此篇文章的第一段中,有提到“tea” (茶),所以文章一定是跟茶有關。




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