考生通常比較不喜歡的閱讀測驗考題,不過今天的閱讀測驗比較不同喔,先看題目第一段有提到“The Old Man and the Sea” (老人與海),所以文章一定是跟「老人與海」這本書或其作者有關。果然,有看過這本書的考生應該對於這一篇閱讀測驗題組其實還蠻簡單的!

The Old Man and the Sea is a novel by Ernest Hemingway. The

book is about an old fisherman, Santiago, who fishes alone.

Friendless except for a young boy named Manolin, Santiago has only

one remaining purpose in life – to catch a big fish in order to prove to


Manolin and to himself that he is still a good fisherman. After

eighty-four days of unsuccessful fishing, on the eighty-fifth day

Santiago goes far out into the sea, where he hooks a giant marlin. He

struggles with the fish for two days and nights and finally kills it. Soon

sharks appear and attack his fish. The old man fights them off with all


his strength but fails to protect his catch. Only the bones of the great

fish remain as proof of Santiago’s courage and strength when he

returns with it to the harbor.

(  ) 1. Who is the author of The Old Man and the Sea?

(A) Santiago.  (B) Manolin.  (C) Santiago’s friend.  (D) Hemingway.

(  ) 2. Why does the old fisherman want to catch a big fish?

(A) To earn some money.         (B) To prove that he is skilled at fishing.

(C) To feed his hungry friend.     (D) To return to the harbor.

(  ) 3. Why does the old man return to the harbor with the bones of the fish only?

(A) He eats the fish up on his way home.

(B) He travels too far and too long, so the fish is no more fresh.

(C) Some sharks get to it.

(D) The fish bones are beautiful.

(  ) 4. The old fisherman “goes far out into the sea, where he hooks a giantmarlin.” What is a marlin?

(A) A kind of fish.  (B) A kind of ship. (C) A magician.  (D) A kind of shark.


英銘老師:閱讀測驗是很多考生畏懼的英文題型之一,其實閱題測驗的的解題並不難,因為外國人寫文章都愛用破題法,只要看第一段即可知道文章大概在講什麼內容。例如在此篇文章的第一段中,有提到“The Old Man and the Sea” (老人與海),所以文章一定是跟「老人與海」這本書或其作者有關。

第1題:「老人與海」的作者是誰?根據文章的第1行,可得知作者是Ernest Hemingway,因此答案是(D)。

完整解析請參考 國考專門店 英銘國考英文周刊-No.86-閱讀測驗篇



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