今天又來到考生比較不喜歡的閱讀測驗囉,其實閱讀測驗的的解題並不難,只要看第一段即可知道文章大概在講什麼內容,例如在此篇文章的第一段中,有提到“Americans” (美國人)、“melting pot” (文化鎔爐),所以文章一定是跟美國人自己認為是文化鎔爐有關

Americans have a belief in a “melting pot” myth and heritage.

They are inclined to forget that many other countries are also “nations

of immigrants” and that their numbers are dramatically increasing. In

the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, early


colonists from Europe, and later, immigrants from other continents,

overwhelmed indigenous populations. In each country, immigration

has continued contributing not only to national ethnic mixes but

maintaining or enlarging the proportion of the population that is

foreign born. In Australia, as one example, that population in 2006


equaled 25%; in Canada, it was 18%.

The trend of ethnic mixing is certain to continue and accelerate.

Cross-border movements of migrants and refugees in Africa, Asia,

the Americas, as well as in Europe, are continuing common

occurrences, reflecting growing incidences of ethnic strife, civil wars,


famines, and economic hardships. But of even greater long-term

influence are the growing disparities in population numbers and

economic wealth between the older developed states and the

developing worlds. The population of the world’s poorer countries is

growing twice as fast as Europe’s of the late 19th century, when


massive groups of immigrants moved to North America. The current

rich world, whose population is projected to stabilize well below 1.5

billion, will increasingly be a magnet for those from poorer countries

where numbers will rise about 4 billion to reach a number which will

probably be more than 6.5 billion by 2025 A.D., and to nearly 8 billion


in a half-century. The economic and population pressures building in

the developing worlds insure greater international and

inter-continental migration and a rapid expansion in the numbers of

“nations of immigrants.”

(  ) 1. What does paragraph 1 mainly discuss?

(A) Americans’ belief in a “melting pot” myth and heritage.

(B) The impacts of immigrants on indigenous populations.

(C) The link between immigration and national mixes.

(D) Growing foreign-born populations in developed countries.

(  ) 2. What does paragraph 2 mainly discuss?

(A) The impacts of growing numbers of immigrants on developed countries

(B) Cross-border movements of migrants and refugees around the world

(C) Growing gaps in health between developed and developing countries

(D) The comparison of population growth rates between rich and poorer countries

(  ) 3. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT mentioned as a problem caused by ethnic mixing?

(A) civil wars  (B) racial conflicts (C) human diseases  (D) food shortages

(  ) 4. What does accelerate in paragraph 2 mean?

(A) cut off  (B) fall apart  (C) give in  (D) speed up


英銘老師:閱讀測驗是很多考生畏懼的英文題型之一,其實閱題測驗的的解題並不難,因為外國人寫文章都愛用破題法,只要看第一段即可知道文章大概在講什麼內容。例如在此篇文章的第一段中,有提到“Americans” (美國人)、“melting pot” (文化鎔爐),所以文章一定是跟美國人自己認為是文化鎔爐有關。


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