閱讀測驗是很多考生畏懼的英文題型之一,其實閱讀測驗的解題並不難,記得先從題目看起,再去看文章。如果是與題目無關的句子,不要浪費太多時間去鑽研,這樣還可以節省作答的時間。例如在此篇文章的第一段中,有提到“Valentine’s Day” (情人節),所以文章一定是與情人節有關。

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. People

often give flowers, chocolates, and they send Valentine’s cards as

well. Lots of people take their loved one for a romantic meal, to th

theater, or even on a special Valentine holiday! But until recently


message-writing was always the most important Valentine’s

tradition. Good love is always about good communication. Today,

many people think that Valentine’s Day is too easy and too

commercial. Card shops sell Valentine cards every year, and people

spend a lot of money on chocolates and sweets! Sending a text


message by mobile phone is even easier! But really romantic people

can always find unusual and personal ways to say “I love you” on this

special day.

(  ) 1. Why is Valentine’s Day the most romantic day of the year?

(A) It’s a day to get married.               (B) It’s a day for lovers.

(C) It’s a day to thank people around you.    (D) It’s a day for world peace.

(  ) 2. Why do some people think that Valentine’s Day is too commercial?

(A) People send messages to each other.

(B) People talk too much on Valentine’s Day.

(C) People spend too much on Valentine gifts.

(D) People have to buy mobile phones.

(  ) 3. According to this passage, _____ is more important than Valentine presents.

(A) a card shop             (B) a mobile phone

(C) a Valentine holiday      (D) good communication between lovers

(  ) 4. What is the most important Valentine’s Day tradition, according to the passage?

(A) A romantic meal.                 (B) A visit to the theater.

(C) Sending a message to a loved one.   (D) Buying a box of chocolate.


英銘老師:閱讀測驗是很多考生畏懼的英文題型之一,其實閱題測驗的的解題並不難,因為外國人寫文章都愛用破題法,只要看第一段即可知道文章大概在講什麼內容。例如在此篇文章的第一段中,有提到“Valentine’s Day” (情人節),所以文章一定是與情人節有關。


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