Men and women often have different ideas of what’s

important—and at what point “important” topics should be raised. A

woman told me, with lingering astonishment, of a conversation with

her boyfriend. Knowing he had seen his friend Oliver, she asked,


“What’s new with Oliver?” He replied, “Nothing.” __­1__, later in the

conversation it came out that Oliver and his girlfriend had decided to

get married. “That’s nothing?” the woman gasped in disbelief.

For men, “Nothing” may be a ritual __2­__ at the start of a

conversation. A college woman missed her brother but rarely called


him because she found it difficult to get talk going. A __­3__

conversation began with her asking, “What’s up with you?” and his

replying, “Nothing.” Hearing his “Nothing” as meaning “There is

nothing personal I want to talk about,” she supplied talk by filling him

in on her news and __4­__ hung up in frustration. But when she


thought back, she remembered that later in the conversation he had

mumbled, “Christie and I got into another fight.” This came so late

and so low that she didn’t pick up on it. And he was probably equally

frustrated that she didn’t.

(  ) 1. (A) However  (B) Although  (C) Besides  (D) Moreover

(  ) 2. (A) conflict  (B) entertainment  (C) greeting  (D) response

(  ) 3. (A) controversial  (B) typical  (C) logical  (D) comical

(  ) 4. (A) merrily  (B) initially  (C) fundamentally  (D) eventually



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